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Ashfield RC is not in a position to arrange and supervise sessions and rides specifically for under 18s. It is keen however to encourage a very small number of young riders to participate in our clubs rides, subject to their appropriate level of fitness and road cycling experience.

Club Rides are open to members and Ashfield RC organises a range of Club Rides for its members to suit all ability levels and all riders are encouraged to take part in activities that are within their capabilities. Prospective members can attend 3 club rides and then will then be asked to join the club if they want to continue to take part in club activities. All club members to be expected to have their own individual third party (public) liability insurance e.g. Race Gold, Race Silver or Ride member of British Cycling or equivalent.

Ashfield RC Club rides will have a Club Ride Representative(s) present who may be able to take responsibility for U18 riders and ensure they are not left on their own during the ride. Young people can only participate where there are sufficient number of Club Ride Reps willing to take responsibility for them. A minimum of 2 Club Ride Reps are required to be in attendance and a maximum of 2 U18’s per Club Ride Rep is required. In circumstances where this is not the case, the young rider will not be able to participate.

Ashfield RC, and/or the Club Ride Representatives(s) will have the right to use its discretion to refuse to accept anyone for whatever reason.

This policy and the guidelines below have been developed to recognise this duty of care where unaccompanied young riders are concerned. Where they are accompanied by a Parent/Guardian it will be their responsibility to supervise the young person.


The Club Will

  •  Before allowing a young rider to participate in a ride, asses the rider’s ability to participate, based on the his/her cycling ability, stamina and experience of on road cycling.
  •  Designate a Club Ride Rep. Parents/carers are asked to note that neither the Club Ride Rep, nor any other rider, may not have been subject to a Disclosure and Barring (DBS) check – previously CRB.
  •  Ensure that it specifies an adult to be in charge, who will have been subject to a DBS check, should rides be specifically arranged for groups of young riders
  • Provide the parent/guardian with the policy and guidelines, ensuring  they are read and understood
  • Witness, and obtain from the parent/carer, a signed copy of the Parental/Carer Consent form
  • Ensure that emergency contact and other appropriate information on the consent form is made available to the Club Ride Rep.

The Rider Will

  • Check that his/her bike is fully operational, cables are sound and brakes working and brake blocks not over worn and that it has a fitted mudguard in wet conditions
    behave responsibly and accept and follow instruction from the Club Ride Rep.
  • Ensure that he/she know the published route, and have the following:
    • Mobile phone.
    • Water and nutrition (e.g. gels).
    • 2 spare inner tubes, tyre levers, puncture repair kit and pump.
    • Multi-tool kit.
    • Appropriate kit and accessories – especially for cold weather
    • Emergency money
  • The Club Ride Rep leader, or other club officials, will give advice on any aspect of these requirements.

The Parent/Carer Will

  • Understand the physical requirements of the rides, and assess the rider’s ability to participate.
  • Sign and provide the Parental/ Carer Consent forms, including emergency contact details, medical requirements and information.
  • Check that the rider understands his/her responsibilities and that the they meet the equipment/kit etc. requirements (above).
  • Ensure that he/she know the routes to be taken, who is leading the ride and how to contact them and what the pickup/drop off times and venue are.
  • Let the Club Ride Rep know of any changes to the details on the Parental/Carer Consent form at the beginning of each ride.
  • Ensure that he/she are contactable during the duration of the ride at the contact details given.

The Club Ride Rep Will

  • Asses if there are sufficient adults accompanying the group to enable appropriate supervision of the young riders should there be any unforeseen accident or incidents’, and if there is any other reason why a young person should not be able to participate in a particular ride
  • Ensure that he/she has the emergency details of the rider available on the ride.
  • Make sure that riders are not left behind (dropped) or left in a one to one situation with an adult.
  • Oversee good/ bad conduct
  • Know and execute procedures that should be agreed for dealing with problems and emergency situations.
  • The Club Ride Rep’s decision will be final on all matters relating to participation and behaviour on the ride.