Club Time Trial League and Championships!

Exciting news for all of our budding Time Trialists as we announce our first club Time Trial League and Club Championships!

Due to the popularity of Time Trialing in our club; we’ve decided to organise an in-house Time Trial League that’s available to all of our club members. The league will culminate in a Club Championships at the end of August; after our final Darley Moor race day on Saturday the 27th August.

League Rounds

The Time Trial League will be made up of 4 rounds that will be held at Darley Moor after our scheduled race days at the track. Entry is FREE to anyone who has volunteered at any of our Darley Moor races; or £3 to other club members.

  1. TT League, Round 1 – Sat 16th April
  2. TT League, Round 2 – Sat 14th May
  3. TT League, Round 3 – Sat 25th June
  4. TT League, Round 4 – Sat 23rd July

The times will be calculated based on how long a contestant takes to complete three laps of the circuit.

Free Entry

To encourage club members to volunteer at our Darley Moor races; entry to the league rounds is free to anyone who has volunteered to help out at any of our Darley Moor events. You only need to have volunteered for one of our events and the whole league will be free to enter. E.g. Volunteer for July’s Darley Moor #7 and rounds 1,2,3 and 4 will become free for you to enter. You do not have to volunteer for every Darley Moor race day.

Club TT Championships

At our final Darley Moor race day on the 27th August; The John Hinksman Memorial, the League will come to an end with a Club Time Trial Championships. Starting positions in the Championships will be decided by your fastest time taken during the four league rounds. E.g. You have set course record at Round 3 of the TT League; therefore you will start last (the best position).

The person who sets the fastest time around the track in the Senior category will be awarded the Club Time Trial Champion’s Jersey. You can enter multiple qualifying categories if you so wish. E.g. You are aged 45; you can enter both the Senior and Vet 40 categories.



Championship Categories

  1. Junior – Under 18 Years
  2. Senior – Over 18 Years
  3. Veteran 40 – Over 40 Years
  4. Veteran 50 – Over 50 Years
  5. Veteran 60 – Over 60 Years