AGM News & More!

We have some important news to tell you about from our AGM, including exciting news for 2016!

Club Subs

As the AGM has passed; club subscriptions are now due; and you have a grace period until the 31st of January to renew your subscription in time for the 2016 season. Renewing your subscription is quick and easy, simply visit and click the big green ‘Join Online Now!’ button to begin the process. A club subscription costs only £14 plus £1 handling fee.

The online payment system is secure and provided by British Cycling. Don’t worry if you’re not a British Cycling member, anyone can use the system to pay their subs.

Club Track Meeting

As many of you may be aware, the club has booked a private session at Derby Arena on the 13th of February thanks to the efforts of Ian F, and the session counts as Stage One of Derby’s Track Accreditation scheme.

Places on this special event are limited to 28 places (with 20 places already filled!), however it is free for any club member to attend! Non-club members are also welcome; however a surcharge of £20 will be made in this instance (so it’s cheaper to buy a club sub!).

More details are available at

Presentation Evening

With the new year fast approaching, we’ve started to pencil in our annual Presentation Evening for Saturday the 20th February (the weekend after the track session).

We’re still in the early stages of planning so the finer details are still subject to change; however provisionally we’ll be celebrating at Underwood Miner’s Welfare around 19:00.

Unlike previous years; this year’s Presentation Evening will be free to attend for all club members; and so will the buffet! Everyone loves free food; right? Unfortunately the club’s budget didn’t quite stretch to an open bar; so you’ll still have to buy your own drinks. If you’re not a club member; there will be a small surcharge to attend the event, the cost of which has yet to be finalised; so we’ll keep you updated.

Super Monday

The next Super Monday will be on Monday the 14th of December; and is the last Super Monday of 2015. I look forward to seeing you all there as we bid farewell to 2015 and look forward to making 2016 the best season yet!

More details on Super Monday can be found here: