Through and Off, The Session You Love to Hate

With racing season just around the corner; and in-fact our own Darley Moor races less than two weeks away, now is the time that Team Green have started their structured speed work, book-ending and shorter than usual tempo ride with two hard and fast through and off sessions.

Through and off; or a chain gang, is where riders constantly rotate at the front in order to keep the pace high and to simulate race pace. have a more in-depth explanation here.

After several weeks of base miles; and rides nudging upwards of eighty miles; this was a sharp change of pace for those members of Team Green taking part; however once the initial shock had worn off and the legs had started to fire on all cylinders; they were easily maintaining speeds of 24+ miles per hours; and more importantly getting their heart rate well into the anaerobic zones that will power them through the racing season.

The route taken this Sunday; was a slight modification of the club’s Southwell loop.



The first section of through and off started as the group descended from Newstead Village into Papplewick and continued all the way to Lowdham where the group sprinted for the Lowdham sign; before dropping the pace back down to Tempo until the other side of Southwell.

It’s important to note; that with any hard efforts like this; recovery between efforts is key; so that you can commit fully to the next set of efforts. Southwell Garden Center provided the perfect stop off point to recover over some delicious freshly ground coffee and for Team Green to excitedly chat about their upcoming races.

Setting off from Southwell; the group maintained Tempo until they joined the Farnsfield road; where the second block of through and off began. Strong efforts were made all the way to Blidworth; where Sam practiced his lead out duties to help Phil beast Tom to the line at the Blidworth sign.

All in all; a hard but enjoyable ride; and the first of many yet to come in readiness for Team Green rocking this year’s race season.

For more information about Team Green, check out our info page here.