Strength & Conditioning

The winter season is finally drawing to a close. We’re over the New Year and part way through February. We’ve all been putting in the base miles on our Sunday rides whether that be with A or B group, but now is the time to change our training.

With the start of this year’s Sportive and Racing season fast approaching; with Wiggle’s Cheshire Cat and our own Darley Moor events scheduled to take place in March, now is the time you need to start using Strength & Conditioning training to polish and hone that base mile fitness into speed and power.

Strength and Conditioning doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym and turning everyday into leg day with a variety of squats and curls and a pin up of Robert Förstemann stashed in your bag. In fact you can use the trusty old turbo trainer to get a healthy dose of strength training and to start conditioning your body to the harder efforts.

Our series of 3LC turbo DVDs make the perfect source of an enjoyable and efficient turbo session, with each DVD taking between 50 minutes to an hour to complete, the on-screen instructions, banter and rider reactions mean you’re kept suitably entertained whilst punishing your legs.

3lc_previewOur club hold regular turbo sessions that are powered by 3LC, and unlike most clubs in the area our sessions are open to non members and are completely free of charge! Our sessions take place every Monday at the new time of 19:45 at Underwood Miner’s welfare.

Of course; to get the most out of any training you’re best off repeating the training throughout the week, so be sure to head on over to 3LC’s website and order copies of your favourite sessions for when you hop on the turbo midweek.